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Asked by : John    on:  2010-06-08 08:08:21

John W. Fanning: What they dont understand, or they can't control, humans will kill..... ....that must be the guideline of your chessnet-admins (not all but nearly all)

John Fanning says:

This is a great observation. I agree with you completely.

Asked by : John    on:  2010-07-01 06:09:07

Hello, I make videos for the internet. I am doing now about copyright in Spain. I would love to include something coming from you regarding downloading songs and files... In one part of the video which will be called downloading war, I include a little part that talks about napster as the beginning of the "war". Thank you so much. In some way you have inspired me. :)

John Fanning says:

People question to what extent I created napster, as compared to my nephew Shawn, given that he coded and I did not. These issues, the copyright wars, the strategic decisions about not licensing, and going a very disruptive route were mine and in retrospect they were correct. I was actually on the phone speaking with Andrew Bridges from WSGR when he got the news that he has won the decision in the diamond rio case. Computers were not recording devices under the home audio recording act. I had read every 9th circuit opinion on copyright and felt that Sony Betamax and substantial non infringing use where certain defenses. Additionally we had immunity from liability under DMCA. The arguments I made before Shawn began coding are essentially the same arguments made today by google vs viacom. I hung up the phone from Andrew, walked over to Shawn who was sitting on the coach and said ok, we need to design our network in such a way that the MP3 files themselves never touch our network. If the files move between users directly we are safe and we can legitimately defend ourselves if they sue. Shawn then explained in detail how we could architect the network to accomplish those goals using a hybrid P2P network all the while making it clear, he would code, and I could deal with the fallout which anyone who knows me will tell you, I was happy to do. Even today I believe consumers have rights, although I might be the only one left who believes that.

Asked by : John    on:  2012-08-25 09:24:14

what is hardest thing in life ?

John Fanning says:

The hardest thing in life for me is growing old.